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NoteBook Free: No ads Notepad Text Photo Notes

Bild: NoteBook Free: No ad...
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  • Easy to use, No any ads, No limit for create note or books
  • Send Note via Email,SMS
  • Internal/External storage Text file editor/viewer
  • Create multiple notebooks with colorful book covers, Customizable book cover and title
  • Bookshelf support with different shelf styles, Change the theme of the application (Dark or Light)
  • Create Note with the title name 1) Text Note 2) Finger drawing 3) Photo note
  • All Notepad features like Modify, delete notes, delete all notes
  • Sort notes by old notes first and new note first, Change font and size in notes writing
  • Export note as .txt and .pdf (English), Copy title/note to clipboard
Hersteller: Bhumkar corporation